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David Büchel

  • 44, Roeser
  • Working as : an occupational psychologist and management consultant at the Chamber of Employees (CSL).
  • Family : married and has two little boys,

My Passions and Interests

For some years now I have had a lovely family with whom I spend a lot of time. Sport has always been an important balance in my life and I still enjoy swimming, fitness and cycling in my spare time.

As an occupational psychologist working for the Chamber of Employees, I represent the interests of more than 580,000 employees, young apprentices and pensioners. In my work I am committed to informing the public about the importance of good working conditions. In this context, I work to improve legislation and regulations to protect physical and mental health at work and to ensure that workers find a better work-life balance and that workers can live on their wages.

My Wishes for the Development of our Municipality

I would like to live in a municipality where traffic calming would finally become a reality, with less emissions and noise through traffic. The beautiful Réiserbann and its village character with its beautiful nature should be preserved and the places in the municipality should be better connected to each other for pedestrians and cyclists with short and safe routes. I would like to see pleasant and lively public places in the community, where young and old alike like to meet, and a dynamic community life in the Réiserbann. I want quality, inclusive and affordable childcare, with opening hours that are flexible enough to help all parents better balance their work and family commitments.