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Georges Kieffer

  • 40, Roeser
  • Working as : Public employee at the Office national de l'accueil (ONA); member of the work group for inclusion at the party “déi gréng”
  • Family : Pacsed and father of a daughter.

My Passions and Interests

I am passionate about music, concerts, fine art and culture. Because of the many constraints imposed on me by my health during my childhood and adolescence, I stand for inclusion at all levels of the society. Social justice is particularly important to me. My work at the ONA since 2015 has inspired me to advocate for the proper integration of new citizens into the municipality. As a father I  would like to campaign for the best possible child care.

My Wishes for the Development of our Municipality

I have been living in Réiserbann since 2009, where I found my home and started a family. It is important to me that the quality of life is preserved for future generations in our community and for this reason I am committed to socially compatible environmental protection. The last years of crisis have strengthened my political commitment and I want to contribute to a strong and functional democracy at the local political level.