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Kristin Kornerup

  • 41, Peppange
  • working as : Entrepreneur, Health Coach & Movement/Pilates Instructor
  • Family : 2 children

My Passions and Interests

I have always been very interested in safekeeping nature and the environment, but even more so now that I have two children who are growing up in a world where the changing climate is a very real and urgent issue. I studied Ecology and Cell Biology at University, and spent the next 20 years working as a Researcher and Project Manager in the Biomedical sector. It made me realise how many of the current health disorders could be avoided just by living healthier, active lives, in a healthier environment. This has motivated my recent change in career: from working on curing diseases, I now focus on preventing them in the first place as a Health Coach and Movement Instructor. I believe that if we protect our natural environment, we protect our own health and that of our children. Nowadays my family and I spend our free time enjoying nature and outdoor activities, as well as traveling to discover the wonders of nature around the world.

My Wishes for the Development of our Municipality

I would like a Commune/Borough that puts healthy living, and everything this encompasses, as its priority. I would like my children to be able to play anywhere they want, while being safe from traffic and safe from pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals. I would like our Commune to be a leader in green and healthy living, with innovative ideas that are actually put into practice: e.g. low-impact housing made of ecological materials, pesticide-free and organic agriculture, and renewable energy sources for every household and business.