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Branka Lukic

  • 43, Crauthem
  • Works as : Office worker, trained accountant
  • Family : Divorced, mother of 2 daughters

My Passions and Interests

As a single mother, my first passion is my children and my family. I love to move around, to visit beautiful regions, to meet new people, to discover new cultures and to read books in my garden or chat with my neighbours. I am the treasurer of dei gréng Réiserbann, have been involved in the Parents' Association and the Roeser School Board in the past and remain an active member of the Integration Committee.

My Wishes for the Development of our Municipality

I want a municipality that makes more efforts to solve the traffic problem, that sets up more effective slowing down facilities, increases the number of 30 zones, facilitates soft mobility and offers more electric charging points. I want a municipality that promotes and creates local jobs and actively helps and supports people in difficulty. Finally, on the leisure side, the playground in Kolla Park would benefit enormously from a mobile ice cream and drinks stand, and an open-air cinema would undoubtedly delight young and old alike.