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Thiemo Spielmann

  • 39, Bivange
  • working as : Physics teacher at the LTC (secondary school), member of the Roeser Klimateam
  • Family : Married and father of 2 children

My Passions and Interests

After my studies in Lausanne, I had the chance to work in research: First as a PhD student in Stockholm and then in the field of materials research at IEE S.A. in Luxembourg. Since 2018, I am a physics teacher at LTC and I pass on my passion for physics, technology and research to my secondary school students. I am happy to spend a lot of time with my children on a daily basis. I like to spend my free time outside, whether it is cycling to work, with my children or running in the woods.

My Wishes for the Development of our Municipality

I am committed to  a municipality that is pleasant to live in for men and women of all ages. A community where it is easy to walk and cycle to work, where trees and greenery along the roads protect against the heat in summer and where new building projects are planned in such a way as to avoid further "heat islands". A municipality where the Alzette would be renatured, creating a beautiful recreation area for animals and people. A community where community life is important and where small shops and cafés are once again formed thanks to short distances.