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Nadine Brix

  • 54, Roeser
  • working as : Architecture teacher at Lycée Josy Barthel Mamer and tutor at Institut de formation de l'Éducation nationale (IFEN). Member of Roeser Municipal Council since 2011.
  • Family : 1 child

My Passions and Interests

Together with my husband, my daughter and our pets I enjoy nature. As an architect, I am particularly interested in our built and natural environment in Roeser. I take great pleasure in teaching my passion for sustainable architecture to young adolescents in secondary school and to children in primary school developing teaching material especially to their needs. Since 2011, I have participated in several consultative commissions in Roeser municipality. Recently, my participation in the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Social Commission were particularly fruitful. In my spare time, I love drawing animal pictures and illustrations.

My Wishes for the Development of our Municipality

Some weeks ago, a non-Luxembourgish resident told me that for him Roeser was the best place in the world to live. And he is right! Since 2011, I have been a municipal councillor in Roeser and it is very important for me to continue to engage actively in the preservation of our quality of life, our social environment as well as our built and natural environment. Furthermore, I wish to commit to timely and necessary improvements especially concerning the development of the village, the habitat and nature preservation policy; for the future of our planet, for the future of the municipality, for the protection of nature and for our health and our love of life!